Monday, 21 February 2011

Karula and the cubs are on the move again!

Karula and her 3rd litter 
Hi everyone!

WE managed to catch a glimpse of Karula and the cubs yesterday, even though it was a very brief view due to the elements, it was great to see both cubs still bouncing after their encounter with the hyena! 

She was found walking on Vuyatela access road, as graceful as ever, moving her family back towards the center of her territory. Now the lions have headed North again, maybe she decided it was the right time to move in search of better hunting grounds with the cubs now around 3 months old. Even though there is still a lot of hyena activity in the area, at least we have seen 1 cub, having the skill at this early age to climb out of reach! 
17 Feb 2011

Turning on to Zoe's road, heading South, we had the hope she would use the old hyena den again, but instead she continued into the drainage line! 

This morning Patrick looked for spoor on the surrounding roads but found them void of any sign of her or the cubs. Lets hope she has hidden them in that area which will increase our chance of seeing them or her! 


This is my last Blog for 2 weeks while I am on leave. I really hope you have chance to see our lady and her cubs while I am away and I look forward to seeing your pictures of them as they continue on their path to becoming elegant icons of Africa just like their mother!

Written by Tara


  1. That is really cool. Yea, hopefully we catch sight of them again.
    Enjoy the time off. ;)

  2. Do we know if they are males or females yet?

  3. I can not wait to see the two cubs up close and personal!! It will be fun to see if they have any characteristics of the boys. I wonder if there is a boy? Exciting times ahead with our Karula and family.

  4. Hi Jody,
    I've no doubt that Tara could supply a much better answer than myself, but no they do not know the sex of the cubs at this time. Patrick did say this is something they are eager to do, so I'm sure as soon as they are able to get a good look or hear from some of the other rangers they will let us know!
    Wonderful to know they are still doing well. I hear the lions are back in town for some giraffe munching. :/